mind1The life of a man is only a reflection of his thoughts. Learn the nature of the human mind – its influencing, domineering and controlling power.  Learn how to bring your thoughts under control and manifest as a true son of God.


haunted1Free yourself from the mental prison that your negative past created. Learn how to handle negative experiences and deal with your negative past. 

dominion1Discover who you are and your Biblical rights to dominion and how to exercise it and reign in life.


  • 24 common problems in marriage.
  • Solutions to these problems.
  • Principles that will make your marriage successful.
  • This book will challenge you to critically examine your life and conduct an x-ray on your marriage, identify what needs to be worked on, face and change what needs to be changed and overcome what needs to be overcome.



peaceEnrich your Marriage by discovering how to keep the peace in the home. This book will prepare the single for marriage and help the married achieve peace and harmony in marriage.

FACING THE CHALLENGES IN COURTSHIPIn this book you will learn:

  • 18 things you are likely to encounter or encountering in your courtship.
  • Learn how to deal with these challenges and be victorious over them.
  • Godly advice that will help your relationship and enable you stand happy and justified before God.
  • How to enter marriage blessed and not cursed.



 The Pursuit of Divine PurposeEverything exist for a purpose. You are not an accident. You are on earth to fulfill a purpose. To live life to the fullest, one needs to identify his purpose on earth and commit himself to fulfilling it. This book will help you identify your purpose and show you how to fulfill it.

 Understanding The New CreationThis book is written to bring light and destroy ignorance. It is written to restore the dignity of the Christian and destroy every inferiority complex. It is sure to edify, strengthen faith and change the mentality of every reader. In this book we are going to see from the scripture what God teaches about the person who has given his life to Christ, what happened to his spirit, why we are not manifesting the nature of God after being born-again, and how we can manifest it.

 Towards a successful marriage - back coverPreparation for marriage is crucial to success in it. This book will prepare you with the relevant knowledge for a successful and peaceful marriage.


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