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I left Nigeria on the 12th of May and arrived Singapore on the 13th of May. I spent only 19 nights in Singapore. I had a good ministry there. My teachings were received by the people. I had the opportunity of ministering in three Churches and three fellowships. In all I had eight teaching sessions which were very exciting and impactful. I crossed over to Malaysia on the 1st of June and had great doors opened for ministry. I ministered in twenty four churches and fellowships. I had forty six teachings sessions. The meetings included Sunday services, marriages seminars, seminars on the battle of the mind, overnight meetings, lunch hour meetings, and full day fasting and prayer meetings. My ministry was well received. God in His mercy saved, revived, encouraged, healed and delivered many. It was a successful mission trip, and I thank God for it.



I give God glory for another opportunity to take the teaching of God’s word to the nation of Malaysia. I arrived Kuala Lumpur on the 24th of October and left on the 30th of November. It was six weeks of teaching, healing, counseling and deliverance. I ministered in Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, Seremban and environ. I had thirty one meetings with thirty seven teaching sessions.  The meetings were quite interesting and uplifting. I conducted a day fasting and prayer meeting with a church that is deer to my heart. I had another 48 hours fasting and prayer meetings with Grace Winners Chapel International. We camped in the church. We were close to fifty people. I taught and led prayers. I gave six teachings during the fast. It was a glorious, eye opening, and life transforming meeting. Some, who were blessed in my previous visits, shared with me how their lives have been changed through my previous visits.

I am happy that God has given me a chance to be a blessing. I thank God for my partners who help make my ministry in Malaysia possible and successful. I pray that God will continue to bless them. Pastors Roy & Maggie Muttiah, Pastor Alina, Pastors Godspower & Helena Okoye, Jasper Chan, Milson Ng, Gerald Daniel and Alloy Enebeli have been a great blessing and support. Please join me in praying for them. I salute all of you. You will always be in my heart. God bless you in Jesus name.



I left Nigeria for Malaysia for a two months mission trip to that country on the 28th of February and arrived on the 1st of March.. I had a great meetings in several Churches and fellowships. I ministered in Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, Sha Alam, Mont Kiara, Kota Damansara, and Seremban. It was indeed a busy time for me and I thank the Lord for it. I moved on from Malaysia to Singapore for two weeks before returning back to Nigeria. My ministry in Singapore was quite interesting. Many decisions for Christ was recorded during this trip. Many healings and deliverances took place.



I set out for Singapore from Nigeria on the 20th of September and arrived on the 21st for mission trip that will last till the end of the year. I spent two weeks and three days in Singapore before moving on to Malaysia where I spent two months teaching and preaching, counseling and ministering to the needs of the people God connected me to.

I had ten teaching sessions in Singapore before leaving for Malaysia. In Malaysia I had fifty two teachings sessions covering lunch hour meetings with the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowships, to Church services, seminar sessions, special cell meetings and prayer meetings. God opened up new doors for me to minister and bless His people.  I left Malaysia for Singapore on my way back to Nigeria on the 9th of December. In Singapore, My wife who joined me on the 18th of December and I had a three day meeting tagged “Operation take it by Force” with Kingdom city church. I had four other teaching sessions in a church and office before leaving for Nigeria.

Many souls were saved during the meetings. Many were also healed and delivered of demonic problems. Here are a few of the testimonies from those who were blessed by the teaching of God’s word that I brought to them.


Hi Pastor,

Everyone that I brought to the FGBMFI meeting loved your sermon. They said it was so clear and simple to understand. We have our cell group on Wednesday night, and we thought this week we do something different and invite you to come and give a short sermon and may be pray for the group. If you don’t want to come, fine, if you do, it will be an honour to have you



Thank you

Thanks for your life transforming messages and prayers. You have been a great blessing to many people. I look forward to meeting you again next year. God bless your family and ministry bountifully. Please keep in touch and have a blessed holiday with your wife in Singapore.



Dear Rev Sylvester,

It has been a great blessing having you around especially for me. I really thank God for your life. Pastor, you preached a message last year on SOUND MIND FOR POSITIVE LIFE. I must confess that, this message changed my entire perception about life. You really exposed the truth of being conscious of what goes on in the mind, for life is a reflection of one’s thoughts. I also learnt that, a man’s thoughts influences, controls and directs the course of his life. I tell you the truth sir, my thought life has really changed. I am now very conscious of what I allow into my heart for God is mostly concerned about what goes on in the heart. Praise God!!!


I would say that God brought you to Malaysia because of me, and I pray for more insight, anointing, revelation of God upon your life. You are really a blessing to your generation. Keep on the good work.

Yours in His vineyard,



Thank you for coming. The word you have brought in my life has been a great blessing, and I am sure it will be for them as well. They will definitely send you their testimonies as well. Hope you enjoyed the evening as much as we did. God bless you.




Having sat several times under the teaching of Pastor Sylvester Onyemalechi here in Malaysia, I can truly say that my life has been greatly enriched and my gifts stirred to do great things for God and my generation. I learned:

  • The benefits of persistency in worshipping and following God’s principles no matter what one faces in life or the condition he may find himself.
  • The value of relationship both human and divine.
  • The power of the human thoughts and how it affects the general behaviour and lifestyle of man.
  • The need to be God conscious in life in order to manifest the life of God and walk in victory.

As a result of the teachings, I woke up to release my teaching gift and ventured into writing. Now, I have a book in print and in circulation titled, GUIDE TO A FULFILLED LIFE.

Your dynamic teachings and ministry has changed my life and built confidence in me to face the challenges of life. May the good Lord bless and strengthen you in Jesus name.

A. E



I thank God because he has used the teachings of Rev Sylvester to build my Christian life. His teachings has made me better, and helped me to learn the importance of forgiveness and how to practice it with ease. I have also become more God conscious in my daily life and activities. I believe I have grown stronger through the things I learnt from his teachings. Thank God for making our path to cross. Prai




I thank God for saving my life and making me to know Jesus Christ as my Saviour and Lord. I was not born a Christian but a Hindu. I was in serious darkness until Jesus saved me. After I gave my life to Christ, I noticed that I was struggling to live for God. Life became difficult as I passed through many tribulations and hard times. I started seeing devils in my dreams. My temper became uncontrollable. The devil attacked me so seriously that I wondered if believing in Jesus was a mistake. Then I realized that when a man gives his life to Christ the devil will come to him to see if he can stop the person.


When I heard Pastor Sylvester teach, I decided in my heart to see him after the meeting. He was so nice and listened to me. He explained that I had demons in my life that I need to denounce and he will cast out the devils from me. He also told me that he will not pray for me until I decide not to live in fornication any more. He sent me to discuss with my boyfriend and come back to him, and I did, and he ministered to me. He also taught me how to overcome anger and I left. I was successful for a few days and it overcame me again. I came back to him again, and he prayed for me. He ministered to me about four times and continued to follow my case up as he enquired if I was walking in victory over anger. I am happy to announce that I am completely free and anger is no longer my master, only Jesus Christ is my master.


May God strengthen you Pastor Sylvester and bless those who introduced me to Jesus Christ.




Pastor, I am very happy to share with you how much God has used you to bless and impart much into my Christian life. I have received encouragement, insight and strength through your teachings.

Your teaching titled, “Eleven Wisdom keys For Successful Living” really opened my eyes and changed my life. Wisdom key number one says that the fool says that there is no God, but a greater fool knows and agrees there is God but does not take His words serious. This revelation touched me so much that I have changed my attitude towards God and His word. Pastor, this life changing message came when I needed it most. As my attitude towards God changed, my love for God has increased also, and keeps increasing day by day.

Your teaching on the “Power of Association” changed me also. Before the message, friends ruled my life. They influenced and directed the course of my life. Friends misled my life. My friend told me to join him and practice homosexual lifestyle that we will use it to make money in Malaysia. Then your teaching on association came, and by the grace of God I have separated myself from that friendship.

Your last message on “God Consciousness” affected me greatly. If there is any person that was blessed through your teachings, I want to let you know that I am the one. I wish you will continue with us in Malaysia, but I know you are needed in other places also, especially in Nigeria. I pray the Lord Almighty Father to keep you as you go back and continue increasing you more in His grace, knowledge and anointing. May God continue to confirm every word that come out of you mouth with signs and wonders and at last give you the crown of a soul winner and rest at His side. Amen!




A month ago, I received news that Rev Sylvester Onyemalechi from Nigeria will be preaching at Cornerstone Glory Centre, PJ. I decided to attend. He spoke on “Five golden Laws of Prosperity”. I gained a lot from that teaching. I was fascinated about his knowledge of the scriptures that I decided to buy one of teachings on CD. So, I asked him to recommend, so he recommended “Atmosphere For Answered Prayers”. I took it home and listened to it. I was so blessed that I decided to practice being at peace, still and quiet while I wait for God to perform wonders and answer my prayers. It worked.

Something happened a few months ago, something happened that my work was taken away from me suddenly without any righteous cause or reason. I have actually anticipated that something like that will happen to me but never expected it to really come true. I took it with courage doing my best not to worry but trust God for direction and help. So after listening to “Atmosphere For Answered Prayers”, I told God I wanted to go back to my former industry – Tourism and Hospitality industry. I prayed for open doors. I made few tourism contacts. I told myself not to worry but to trust God and keep calm as I have learnt from Rev Sylvester’s teaching. Can you imagine what resounding victory I received just within 24hours that I heard the teaching and used it. The contact that I made earlier and no reply came, when I called them after the prayer, the General Manager, received my call and immediately asked me if I was available to help the next day. As we discussed on the phone, something disrupted our discussion. She told me she will call me back. I panicked thinking the devil is trying again to stop me from this blessing that is coming my way. I told myself to keep calm. I went down to eat dinner troubled and battling fear and anxiety all the way. I went back to my room and started to pray. It was about 5pm and it was closing time in the offices. As I prayed, the phone rang. It was the General Manager asking me to come to see her that evening. That’s how I got back into the hospitality industry. The Lord is faithful. I thank God for buying that CD on “Atmosphere For Answered Prayers”.


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