just for students
is a positive outreach to students who are the future leaders of our motherland and the world at large, but who are exposed on a daily basis to the corruption, negative norms, bad influences, moral decay and loss of values, which are the order of the day.
Scope Of Involvement
Thousands of students that throng our society lack focus, enthusiasm, commitment and dedication to study. These students are greatly challenged and distracted by the corruption and evil in the society. They need guidance and motivation. It is these problems we seek to solve through motivational speeches, provision of highly educational, inspirational and motivational pamphlets.
We visit schools to address the students and give them literature for further reading and direction. We hold conferences, success seminars and prayer meetings for students both in secondary schools and post secondary schools. We also organize seminars and offer counseling services for teachers.
Our Target audience: Primary to University students.
Areas of focus:
      1.       Excellence in education
      2.       Commitment to studies
      3.       Student teacher relationship
      4.       Pursuit of Purpose
      5.       Relationships and love
      6.       Personal spiritual development
      7.       Leadership training
Partner with us:
It is with great joy that we call on you to support us in this laudable outreach. We have printed thousands of “WHO IS A STUDENT” booklet that we give out free to students in secondary schools. We need to print our book “THE PURSUIT OF DIVING PURPOSE” that we want to give out free to thousands of students that we address. It is a 65 pages book that is guaranteed to help the students get direction on what they are designed and called to be in life. We also need money for staff allowances, logistics and administration.
I believe that God can use you to help us reach these students. It is a burden in our hearts that we will like to see carried out. Pray also for us that God will strengthen us to fulfill this huge mandate.
Please click on this link to make a donation http://www.jfoutreach.org/partnership Or write us to let us know what means you want to use to send your donation.
Thank you and God bless you for partnering with us to reach the young people.
Yours in His service,
Rev Sylvester Onyemalechi
President / Founder, Jesus Family Outreach


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