Jesus Family Outreach is a ministry that is set up to take the word of God to the nations especially to the family of Jesus on earth. We fund and support evangelical work in Africa and the entire world and do charity work.


Our ministry activities include:

  1. We organize Christian outreach meetings:
  2. Seminars and conferences on Christian maturity
  3. Renewing the mind seminars
  4. Singles Only conferences and meetings
  5. Couples Only seminars and services
  6. Leadership development programs:
  7. Establishment of Jesus Family Bible School to train and commission ministers of the gospel.
  8. Just For Students Outreach to help our youths identify their purpose and gifting and motivate them to pursue it and become great achievers in life.
  9. Give scholarship to students who have no one to pay their school fees.
  10. Conducting leadership seminars to train and retrain leaders.
  11. Church ministry
  • Jesus Family Fellowship – A Bible based, Pentecostal charismatic and multi-tribal church headquartered in Ikotun, Lagos, Nigeria.
  1. Publications
  • Success info
  • Bible news
  • Relationships
  • Books
  1. Success tapes
  2. E-outreach
  3. Foreign missions


Ministry beliefs

  1. We believe in the bible as the holy word of God which is to be believed and practiced completely.
  2. We believe that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, and salvation is through Jesus Christ only.
  3. We believe that water baptism is essential to complete the process of salvation, and it must be by immersion.
  4. We believe in the Holy Spirit baptism with evidence of speaking in tongues.
  5. We believe in the resurrection of the dead at the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  6. We believe that the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ will be in phases. The first appearing is to catch away the saints. The second phase is to establish his millennial reign on earth.
  7. We believe in the unity of the body of Christ – that all Christians irrespective of denomination belong to the same body and kingdom, therefore can and should fellowship together despite doctrinal differences.
  8. We believe in the eternal judgement when God will judge all and reward each person according to all his deeds.
  9. We believe in the new heaven and the new earth which the Lord will bring about at the close of the age.


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